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Scheduling & Pricing

Live Performance Pricing:

Give us a call with your organization’s master calendar handy. We will work with your schedule and ours to find date choices for you. We’ll hold those dates while you check to see which your organization prefers. When you’ve decided, we’ll book it.

Covid and inflation have forced us to rethink our pricing. Rather than raise prices (which we never want to do) we have decided to discontinue our discount program to make up for the shortfall. All shows now cost $495.00 each.

Virtual Performance Pricing:

One School or One Branch Library = $150.00

This buys a password key for the performance of your choice for one week of unlimited viewing. You can give the key out to as many children as you’d like in your school or library branch service area. 15 or more schools or branches in the same system booking together get 10% off, making shows $125.00 each.

(If the number of children your venue reaches is very small, or very large, we will work with you to find a fair and affordable price. Please give us a call.)

Give us a call: 1-800-936-4723 or
send us an EMAIL.

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