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Scheduling & Pricing

Give us a call with your organization’s master calendar handy. We will work with your schedule and ours to find date choices for you. We’ll hold those dates while you check to see which your organization prefers. When you’ve decided, we’ll book it.


The more the merrier! When you save us money in traveling costs, we pass the savings back to you.

–  A single show is $495.00.

–  Two or more performances on the
    same day receive a 10% discount,
    making shows $445.50 each. This
    discount can be shared by
    neighboring organizations.

–  Three or more neighboring shows
    scheduled tightly together receive
    further discounts, up to $100
    off, making shows $395.00 each.

If we are making a special trip out of our usual range we may not be able to offer a discount, but no show will ever cost more that $495.00.

Give us a call: 1-800-936-4723 or
send us an EMAIL.

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