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Traveling Lantern has been educating and entertaining children all over the country since 1985. Our mission is to bring great stories to children, to draw them into an active theater experience, to excite their minds and to tickle their imaginations. We are deeply committed to providing high quality, low cost arts programming to schools and libraries.


Our style is interactive. We invite children from the audience onstage, perform among them, and build our shows to actively involve them in the story. Our plays present important ethical ideas to children on a level that they can absorb, relate to, and consider.


Traveling Lantern currently has a 26-show repertoire of histories, mysteries, fantasies, biographies, classics, well-known children’s stories, and original works. Our plays are created for audiences in the Pre-K through 8th grade age group and their families.


Our teams travel in one vehicle with all their props, costumes and set pieces. The simplicity of this design allows for quick set-up and breakdown at each venue, and allows for flexibility: performances can be done in gyms, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, courtyards, etc. Shows last about 45 minutes, and actors can set up, and be packed up and on the road within a half hour.  


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