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"We all LOVED the entire production!... Marvelous, marvelous!... The hallways have been a buzz with gossip about the great experience had by all at the Play! Such great actors... they kept us enraptured!"

-Teacher; Mill Creek, Washington

"A wonderful performance... the students were spellbound by the marvelous acting, terrific voices, special touches and fantastic humor that highlighted this production. The teachers were smiling, the audience was mesmerized, and each child, some for the first time, got a taste of the joy of live theatre... a first-rate presentation, one that will not soon be forgotten."

- PTA Cultural Arts Chairperson; Littleton, Colorado

The actors were absolutely wonderful to work with and the students were fascinated with their performance... I have seen several of your company's plays and feel that they are well worth the money spent... Thank you again for providing excellent theatre at an affordable price."

- Principal; Liberal, Kansas

"I want to thank you so much for your significant contribution to our students over the past years. The plays have been a highlight... due to the depth of your research; the quality and appropriateness of the writing; the engaging acting; and the professionalism with which the whole production is organized... The value of your plays touches all of us and enriches our lives."

- Magnet Resource Teacher; San Diego, California

"We are a rural, isolated county... 100 miles from the nearest small city... many traveling presentations are unwilling to perform for us... Traveling Lantern has been cordially willing to come to our county... and they have always kept our children spellbound."

- Director of Instructional Support; Lakeview, Oregon

"It is exciting to see kids so enthusiastic over Shakespeare! We never know where the next great writers or stage actors may spring from It must be a very rewarding feeling for you to think you may be the catalyst for inspiring some child to enter the world of the arts."

- Council for the Arts; Bishop, California

"You bring to our students a wonderful gift that many of them would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience; the gift of live interaction with imagination and make believe. It is truly a joy to sit back and watch our students... For a moment they believe!"

- Principal; Shawnee, Oklahoma

Thank you for your wonderful performance...You are very talented and somehow find a way to condense a famous person's life into a presentation that presents important facts, interesting information and keeps the attention of a wide range of grade levels. The students love your humor and are fascinated by the way you bring your characters to life. It made our study that much more enriching. We treasure what you bring to our children and look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Cultural Chairperson; San Diego, California

"Thank you for entertaining our camps. The children were entranced by your outstanding performance. From ages 5 to 35, our kids and staff were engaged and delighted!"

- Parks and Recreation Staff; Santa Cruz, California
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